KOHA-Open Source Library System

Libraries that have the functions of monitoring, recording and creating the infrastructure of the consumption environment required for the production of original information are not only places where digital and written data are stored, but also social institutions where information exchange is realized. systems are not only in the computer environment of the library environment, but all of these processes in the Internet environment and synchronized to the realization of the stage.

What is KOHA?

KOHA is a full-featured Integrated Library System. It is the world's first open-source library management system developed by HORIPHENUA LIBRARY TRUST and KATIPO COMMUNICATIONS in New Zealand.

KOHA-Usage Areas

Africa, Australia, Canada, USA, France, India, New Zealand and academia in many countries including Turkey, the public, as many, including school and special libraries library Kohaku in kullanmaktadır.türkiye which is under the Ministry of Culture site KOHA library automation is used in 1140 libraries. Ministry of Culture KOHA library management system is the world's largest KOHA system. Grand National Assembly of Turkey uses KOH library automation system. The use of KOHA among private and public universities is becoming widespread. Management, support and maintenance services of this system are provided by PARANTEZ TEKNOLOJİ.


KOHA has demonstrated its stability and scalability using hundreds of tried and tested libraries worldwide. Open source solutions are stable code bases that are developed and supported by many providers across the globe. User-oriented open source software decides which features are important. The code is clear, the users are free to innovate and develop the software to meet their needs. Users only pay for the support they require and the additional vendor services they request. This means installation, upgrade, maintenance and support services of KOHA. KOHA has a software infrastructure suitable for component development other than standard components.

What can we do in KOHA?

PARANTEZ TECHNOLOGY KOHA develops new modules in the library system and develops the existing modules. We are developing ISBN integration in KOHA, different lists, inventory / stock drops, statistics module, offline circulation, TC Identity integration, reporting modules. The e-government integration of KOHA was carried out by our company. E-government integration includes pre-registration, visualization / updating of users' personal data and catalog scanning modules. KOHA-Mobile was launched in 2018. The e-book module was developed in KOHA and e-books were included in the catalog scans. Our company is working with a team of experts on the server side of KOHA. Disruptions are eliminated by intervening with our experienced personnel in short time. Routine maintenance of the systems is done within a certain period. KOHA, installation and maintenance / support processes we have been serving with the technical staff who are competent in librarianship standards. In these processes, we give importance to KOHA co-ordination with library staff.